<p>A turn-key</p>
<p><strong>SUPPLEMENT SOLUTION</strong></p>
<p>for healthcare providers</p>

A turn-key
for healthcare providers

ViteGuide designs the right supplement solution to help your patients and grow your business.

Our Solutions

  • Condition Specific

    Condition Specific

    ViteGuide's  experts create the right supplement solutions for your patients. Examples includes oral health, cognition, digestion, heart health and other targeted health conditions.

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  • Rx Nutrient Depletion

    Rx Nutrient Depletion

    ViteGuide has developed an exclusive solution to replenish the depletion of nutrients caused by prescription drugs like statins (Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor), proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium®), Diabetes medications (Metformin), and others.

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The first supplement program designed to help your patients take the right supplements daily

  • The right supplements

    All of our solutions are designed by experts. They are backed by science which we make available to you. 

  • Quality made in USA

    We use the highest quality ingredients that meet our standards for purity and potency. They are manufactured in the USA according to GMP standards.

  • Convenient to use

    No more confusing store trips or bottles for your patients. We ship them in pre-sorted daily pack when they need them.

  • Continuing support

    We provide daily text reminders to your patients and they can contact one of our registered dietitians for the support they need. 

ViteGuide’s program is based on a study published in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) that outlines a process for increased medication adherence and better health outcomes

Patients Benefits

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Your patients are confident that their supplements support their health goals.

Backed by Science

Backed by Science

Supplements are backed by science with the the research available for patient review.

High-quality supplements made in USA

High-quality supplements made in USA

Supplements include high quality ingredients manufactured to GMP standards.

No more confusing store trips

No more confusing store trips

No more staring at walls of supplements in the store wondering what to buy.

Free home delivery

Free home delivery

Never run out again, Orders are shipped according to your patients schedule.

Easy to use packaging

Easy to use packaging

The solution is packed in pre-sorted daily packs. No more bottles to manage.

Text reminders

Text reminders

Daily text reminders to help you patient stay on track. After all, supplements can’t help if you don’t take them.

Professional support

Professional support

Registered dietitians on staff to answer your patients supplement-related questions. All other questions are referred back to your office.

Benefits To You from a ViteGuide Partnership

  • “Turnkey” supplement solution for your office

    ViteGuide partners with you every step of the way to launch and successfully integrate supplements into your patients’ care plans and your practice

  • Management of supplements for your patients office

    You are providing a better way for patients to include the right supplements in their care plans and avoid the confusion of shopping on their own with bad advice

  • Monthly patient touchpoints, improved relationships

    You are able to add inserts to your patients monthly packages with health tips, practice news or cross-selling opportunities 

  • Incremental revenue source with no inventory to manage

    You recommend the solution and ViteGuide handles the rest

  • Greater retention, higher patient value

    Additional touchpoints with your patients can improve retention and lifetime customer value

  • Offering designed for your patient base

    Your offering is designed by ViteGuide specifically for your patients

  • Healthier patients

    You will have the opportunity to ensure your patients are getting the right supplements for their health goals using an approach that is designed to drive better adherence and health outcomes

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